How Radio technology works and What are the applications of radio remote control?


 Radio waves are used to control any type of equipment and machines wirelessly, such kind of a control system is called a Radio Remote Control.


Here is the detailed information on how radio technology works? 

The signal transmitted or received by the antenna

If the transmitter transmits the signal or the receiver picked up the signal, a bandpass filter allows only desired frequency and attenuates the other frequency signal. While Radio waves passing through an air medium, there are many different RF waves are present so, the antenna tuned the required frequency and receives the specific signal. For selecting the length of the antenna, the formula is

λ = c/f

             where λ = wavelength

                      C = Speed of light

                       F = desired frequency


Now, we see the applications of crane wireless remote control

The remote radio control is used in different applications. The control panel used in various cranes such as

• EOT Cranes
• Electric Hoist
• Gantry Crane
• Goliath crane
• Mobile Crane

• Tower Crane


 EOT Cranes: 

EOT stands for Electric Overhead crane. It is the most common type of overhead crane remote control system called a bridge crane. EOT crane control panel operated by crane pendant with the help of electricity. EOT cranes lift load up to 500 tones with 60 meters span.

Electric Hoist: 

An electric hoist is an appliance used to lift or move heavy or light equipment. A hoist crane wireless remote control is used for lifting the crane and avoid the accident. Electric hoists are available in different types.

Gantry Crane: 

To lift extremely heavy objects then a gantry crane is a great option. Gantry cranes are mainly used in shipbuilding because of its handle very large engines and parts. It is the type of overhead crane control with a single girder or double girder configuration. 

Goliath Crane:

Goliath crane is similarly an overhead crane that has a single girder or double girder establishment and it is supported by separate legs that move on along the track. These cranes are used in outdoor applications.

Mobile Crane: 

A Mobile crane is a wired-controlled crane with a lifting capacity of up to 160 tones. These cranes are mounted on crawler or rubber tire carriers. This type of crane can move to different locations very easily.

Tower Crane: 

Tower crane remote control is used in civil construction sites. It handles the heavy materials, tools related to construction. All the self-erecting tower cranes are remote controls. Most of the construction sites prefer remote control cranes to avoid accidents and safety purposes.


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